Who we are

Partnerinwestgruppen AB has been working since 1996 and working in 15 different fields. PartnerInwestgruppen AB is a parent company in a group of companies which mainly conducts brokerage of companies, business law, corporate financing. Our business concept is to provide service to our customers in Sweden and abroad in a professional and efficient manner, where it will be the best possible for both parties. We specialize in mediating the buying and selling of companies in the e-commerce restaurant, service, trade and industrial industries, in which we have very good contacts. We have competencies such as financial, legal, insurance and administrative related to the company. This ensures that sellers and buyers can trust that a business transfer will take place in the best possible way. Our guiding stars are "efficiency and responsibility". The head office is located in Gothenburg, but we work all over Sweden and also abroad.

What we offer

We offer full service to you, are you interested in our services? We are eager to cooperate and consult with you in a discussion or meeting with one of our representatives. Call us and we will make sure to help you!

Phone: 070 718 86 82
Email: info@partnerinwest.se

Är du intresserad av våra tjänster?

Vi är angelägna om att samarbeta och ge samråd under ett samtal eller
möte med en av våra representanter.